TFSG, founded in 1994, is a group of 40 people who have spent time outside of America with America's Foreign Service, academia, or business, or as an accompanying family member.
TFSG presents four luncheons with speakers and one members-only luncheon each year. This website lists the speakers with bibliographies that TFSG members write to accompany each speech. It also features links to international databases, publications, think tanks, and published works by members and speakers

TFSG Luncheon Meetings, Past and Future

The FOREIGN SERVICE GROUP was founded in 1994. This section of our web site lists information on the presentations made to our meetings.

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date and you will bring up the meeting announcement, which includes details about upcoming meetings and items of interest to our members.

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speaker's name and you will bring up the speaker's biography. The biography includes, when available, a photo of the speaker.

Click on the subject and you will bring up the bibliography for that date, which contains a diversity of information related to and intended to complement our bi-monthly luncheon presentations.

The first section of a bibliography list resources suggested by the luncheon speaker. The second section, created by our members, includes a variety of pertinent resources such as exhibitions, speeches, websites, movies, CDs, articles, journals, serious academic books, coffee table books, cartoons, museums, and works of fiction.

The last section of the bibliography contains books suggested by Barnes and Noble -Arboretum in Austin, Texas. All sources are listed in the hope that this will help our readers.

We then e-mail this to all our members and to a number of different people to contribute to a better understanding of international affairs and our Foreign Service.

Date & Announcement Speaker's Name &

Subject & Bibliographies

6/11/19 Donald Sheehan, Foreign Policy Advisor (POLAD) to U.S. Army North Fort Sam Houston, Texas "The U.S. Hostage Recovery Enterprise: An Ongoing Interagency Success Story" Mimi's Cafe
4/09/19 Julie Kavanagh, U.S. Department of State Diplomat in Residence for Texas "Observations from a Practitioner" Mimi's Cafe
2/12/19 Carlos Gonzalez-Gutierrez, Consul General of Mexico "The Texas-Mexico relationship from the perspective of a new Mexican administration" Mimi's Cafe
12/11/18 Fun Festival Luncheon   Mimi's Cafe
4/10/18 Dr. Mark Pomar, Independent Consultant "Resurgent Russian Nationalism: Implications for U.S. Policy" Mimi's Cafe
2/13/18 Dr. Robert Hutchings, Walt and Elspeth Rostow Chair in National Security, and Dr. Jeremi Suri, Mack Brown Distinguished Chair for Leadership in Global Affairs, LBJ School of Public Affairs, University of Texas-Austin "Comparative Study of Eight Diplomatic Services" Mimi's Cafe
12/12/17 Fun Festival Luncheon   Mimi's Cafe
10/10/17 Dr. Stephen B. Slick, Director, Intelligence Studies Project, LBJ School of Public Affairs
University of Texas, Austin
 “The Real Challenges for U.S. Intelligence:
Competence, Governance, and Legitimacy”
Mimi's Cafe
6/13/17 Adrian Farrell, Consul General, Consulate General of Ireland, Austin “Ireland and the Future European Union”

Mimi's Cafe
4/11/17 Ambassador Robin Raphel "Pakistan and its Troublesome Neighbors" Mimi's Cafe
2/14/17 Valentine's Day Luncheon   Mimi's Cafe
12/13/16 Fun Festival Luncheon "Fun and Interesting Things" Mimi's Cafe

Robert Hutchings, Walt and Elspeth Rostow Chair in National Security, and Jeremi Suri, Mack Brown Distinguished Chair for Leadership in Global Affairs, Lyndon B. Johnson School of Public Affairs, University of Texas at Austin

"Foreign Policy Breakthroughs" Mimi's Cafe
6/14/16 Ambassador Thomas Boyatt "American Diplomacy at Risk" Mimi's Cafe
4/12/16 Dr. Thomas Palaima
Robert M. Armstrong Centennial Professor
Department of Classics, College of Liberal Arts, University of Texas at Austin
MacArthur Genius Grant Recipient
"War Stories Told, Untold and Retold:
From Troy to Tinian to Fort Campbell"
Mimi's Cafe
2/9/16 Professor Brian Smith
Interim Dean, School of Behavioral & Social Sciences, St. Edward's University, Austin, TX
"Foreign Policy in the 2016 Presidential Election" Carrabbas
12/8/15 Fun Festival Luncheon "Fun, Surprising and Downright Interesting Things" Marie Callender's Private Room

Ambassador Christopher Ashby
International Banker and Former U.S. Ambassaor to Uruguay

"The Deficit, the Debt, and the Implications for National Security" Marie Callender's Private Room
6/9/15 Dr. Dane S. Egli
National Security Senior Advisor,
Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Lab
"Are We More Secure Today than We Were a Decade Ago?" Carrabbas
4/14/15 Dr. Sharyl Cross
Director, Kometsky Center and Global Policy Fellow, Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars
"NATO-Russia Relations: The Ukrainian Crisis and Beyond" Marie Callender's Private Room
2/10/15 Professor Joshua David Eisenman
UT Austin, LBJ School of Public Affairs and senior fellow for China studies at the American Foreign Policy Council in Washington, DC.
“China-Africa Trade Patterns and African Perceptions of Chinese Business" Carrabbas
12/9/14 Fun Festival Luncheon "Fun, Surprising and Downright Interesting Things" Carrabbas
10/14/14 Sussan Siavoshi
Una Chapman Cox Professor of International Relations, Trinity University, San Antonio
"The Nuclear Policy and the New Iranian Government" Carrabas
6/10/14 Peter Awn
Dean of the School of General Studies, Columbia University
“You Can’t Eat Ideology:  The Future of Political Islam”

4/8/14 Robert J. Silverman
President, AFSA; Senior Foreign Service Officer
“Opportunities and Challenges for U.S. Diplomacy in the Middle East” Carrabbas
2/11/14 Dr. Philip I. Levy
Senior Fellow on the Global Economy, Chicago Council on Global Affairs
"Diplomacy, International Economics and Foreign Policy" Carrabbas
12/10/13 Fun Festival Luncheon International Laughter Carrabbas

Peggy Kelsey
Director, Afghan Women's Project

“Afghanistan:  A View from the Ground” Carrabbas
8/13/13 Professor H. Richard Sindelar, III
Professor of International Studies
University of St. Thomas, Houston, TX
"Immigration: The Impossible Debate” Chez Zee
6/11/13 Ambassador James F. Creagan
Director of the Center for International Studies, Amy Freeman Lee Chair of Humanities --University of the Incarnate Word, San Antonio
“Foreign Policy and Domestic Politics:  A Look at U.S. Relations with the Holy See, Israel, and Mexico” Chez Zee
4/9/13 Joanne Cummings
Chief, Political/Economic Section, United States Embassy, Yemen
"American Diplomacy in Today's Middle East" Carrabba's
2/12/13 Dr. Terri Givens
Professor in the Government Department and the LBJ School of Public Policy
"Europe on the Brink: The Political and Social Impact of the Fiscal Crisis" Green Pastures
12/11/12 The Fun Festival Luncheon International Laughter

Marie Callender's

10/9/12 Glenn Frankel
Director, The School of Journalism, UT Austin
"No Way Out: The Hard Road to Middle East Peace" Green Pastures
8/14/12 Professor Jeremi Suri
Mack Brown Chair for Leadership in Global Affairs, LBJ School, University of Texas at Austin
“The Long History of American Nation-Building:  What Have We Learned?” Chez Zee
6/12/12 Dr. John Ritchie
Senior Foreign Service Officer (Retired)
"U.S.-Mexico Relations in an Election Year"

Green Pastures

4/10/12 Ambassador Tibor T. Nagy, Jr.
Vice Provost for International Affairs, Texas Tech University, Lubbock
“China’s Africa Policy: Win-Win Strategy?”

Marie Callender's
Topic Summary
PPT presentation

2/14/12 Dr. Fred Burton
V-P for Intelligence, Stratfor
"The Terror Threat to Texas" Green Pastures

The Fun Festival Luncheon
Movies and Door Prizes

International Laughter
Marie Callender's
10/11/11 William Charles Inboden
Professor of Public Affairs, LBJ School, University of Texas
"International Religious Freedom and National Security" Green Pastures
8/9/11 Dr. Mansour El-Kikhia
Chair, Department of Political Science and Geography, University of Texas, San Antonio
“Libya’s Revolution: Implications for the Middle East” Marie Callender's
6/14/11 Ambassador Ronald K. McMullen Diplomat in Residence,  The LBJ School, UT “Wikileaks: Implications for the Foreign Service” Green Pastures
4/12/11 Dr. Francis Gavin
Director, Robert Strauss Center for International Security & Law, UT

“History and Policy:  Five Ways to Use History Well” Marie Callender's
2/8/11 Dr. Robert Hutchings
Dean, The LBJ School, UT

"International Security in an Era of Globalization"

Green Pastures
12/14/10 The Fun Festival Luncheon International Laughter Marie Callender's
10/12/10 John Harmon
Former Assistant Attorney General of the United States

"Limitations on Presidential Power: The Role of the Office of Legal Counsel, the Government's Lawyer"

Green Pastures
8/10/10 Erin Wolf
International Risk Analyst, UT-Austin; Former Peace Corps Volunteer
"Soft Power: Concept, Reality, Future and Our Changing Peace Corps" Marie Callender's
6/18/10 Rosalba Ojeda
Mexican Consul General
The Bicentennial of Mexico's Independence and the Centennial of the Mexican Revolution" Marie Callender's
4/13/10 Amb. Lewis Lucke
US Response Coordinator - Haiti
"The US Response to the Haiti Earthquake" Marie Callender's
2/9/10 William "Bill" Stewart
Diplomat in residence, the LBJ School
"Opportunities and Complexities in the Middle East, Viewed from our Largest Embassy, in Cairo, Egypt" Mirabelle
12/8/09 The Fun Festival Luncheon International Laughter Marie Callender's
10/13/09 James K. Galbraith
The Lloyd M. Benson Professor of Government, LBJ School, UT; Executive Dir., The Joint Economic Com. of the US Congress
"The Great Crisis and the American Empire. End of a Bad Idea" Mirabelle
8/11/09 Dr. Margaret E. Crahan
Professor and Director of the Kozmetsky Center of Excellence, St. Edward's Univ.; V.P., the Interamerican Institute of Human Rights
"Whither Cuba? Whither US-Cuban Relations?" Marie Callender's
6/9/09 Peter Pfeiffer, FAIA
Nationally recognized architect and green building scientist

"Real & Relevant Green Building by Design - Not by Device" Mirabelle
4/14/09 Amb. William A. Eaton
Recent Ambassador to Panama
"US-Panama Trade Promotion Agreement" Marie Callender's
2/10/09 Jerry K. Mitchell
Former Senior Career Diplomat - The US Commercial Service
"Globalization, the Financial Crisis & US Trade Policy: Reframing the Debate" Andiamo
12/9/08 Patrick Cassidy
Director, Institute for Environmental Risk Management & Center for Applied Science; Prof. of Chemistry, Texas State Univ.
"Junk Science 101 - Scams and Swindles" Mirabelle
11/11/08 James M. Lindsay
Director, Robert Strauss Center for International Security & Law, UT
"The 2008 Election and Foreign Policy" Andiamo
10/29/08 Roderick P. Hart
Dean, College of Communication, UT
"What Can We Learn from Campaign 2008?" Mirabelle
7/9/08 Francis "Chip" Peters
FSO-FCS Shanghai
"The Foreign Service Today, FSI & China" Andiamo
4/30/08 John Vanston, Ph.D.
Nuclear Engineering
"Will the Nuclear Genie Escape?" Las Palomas
3/12 & 3/13/08 Ann Wright
FSO, Colonel (Ret.), Author of "Dissent: Voices of Conscience"
"Dissenting" Mirabelle
2/7/2008 John Naland
President, The American Foreign Service Association
"The Foreign Service and the State Department - An Update" Nuevo Leon
11/27/07 Amb. Lewis Lucke
Ambassador to Swaziland; USAID Director: Iraq, Bolivia, Jordan and Haiti
"'Bookrah' is like 'Manana'...Without the Sense of Urgency" Mirabelle's
10/23/07 Whitney S. Bodman
Prof. of Comparative Religions, Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary
"The Harvest of Karbala" Carmelo's

Dr. Leland Blank
Dean of Engineering, American U. of Sharjah, UAE; Prof., Industrial Engr., Teas A&M

Dr. Sallie Sheppard
Vice Chancellor, American U. of Sharjah, UAE; Assoc. Provost & Prof., Computer Science, Texas A&M

"Exporting US Higher Education to the Middle East -- American University of Sharjah as a Case Study" Mirabelle
3/21/07 Tom Barnes and Jim Hall
FSO's with extensive experience in Vietnam
"Vietnam: History and Update" Carmelo's
10/28/06 Amb. Greg Engle
Ambassador, Togolese Republic; Admin., Baghdad; Dip.-in-Res., LBJ School, UT
"Reflections on my Recent 13 Months in Iraq" Clay Pit
9/7/06 Prof. Karen Engle
Director, Bernard & Audre Rapoport Center for Human Rights & Justice, UT School of Law
"Republicans Use Human Rights Too: Human Rights, Democracy, and US Foreign Policy in the Reagan and Current Bush Administrations" Serrano's
4/4/06 Amb. Charles Ray
Ambassador to Cambodia; Dip.-in-Res., Univ. of Houston
"Why Little Countries Matter" Carmelo's
3/1/06 James B. Steinberg
Deputy Secretary of State; Dean, LBJ School, UT; Deputy National Security Advisor
"US National Security Strategy: Bush's Second Term" Buca di Beppo Restaurant
12/15/05 Amb. Rosario Green
Foreign Minister of Mexico
"US-Mexico Relations: What They Are and What They Should Be" Clay Pit
10/27/05 Dr. Larry Hufford
Professor of International Relations, St. Mary's Univ.
"A Multi-Faith Approach to Promoting Democratic Values and Principles" Clay Pit
8/17/05 Amb. Larry Napper
Ambassador, Kazakhstan & Latvia, Dip.-in-Res., Univ. of Houston
"Lessons Learned from the Post-1991 Transitions in EE and Former USSR, and Implications for the US in the Middle East" Tres Amigos
6/21/05 John Washburn
Dir, Exec. Office of the UN Sec Gen.; Convener, the American NGO Coalition of the ICC; FSO
"The US and the International Criminal Court" The Y Restaurant and Bar
4/26/05 Fred Bednarski
ICC Institute, UT; Holocaust survivor
"Why Poland?" Carmelo's
3/15/05 James Olson
CIA Officer in Residence, Texas A&M
"Is Torture Necessary?" Siena
2/19/05 Florita Sheppard
FSO; Diplomat in Residence, LBJ School
"What's New at the State Dept.?" Carmelo's
12/19/04 A Festival Time Christmas Party Doña Emilia's
10/18/04 Tex Harris
Secretary; President, AFSA
"Beyond Iraq, Meeting the Challenge of America's Security and Prosperity" Carmelo's
9/28/04 A Celebration Vic Niemeyer's 86th Birthday Carmelo's
9/1/04 Amb. Tibor Nagy
Ambassador to Guinea and Ethiopia; served in seven African nations
"Why Africa Matters" Iron Cactus Grill
8/5/04 Judson Wood
Author, lawyer, paratrooper
"The Pan American Dream and the founding of La Villita" North by Northwest
6/30/04 Dr. Hans Mark
Chancellor of the UT System; Secretary of the Air Force
"The Problem of Energy" Carmelo's
1/13/04 Ed Jones
Executive Director, International Center of Austin
"Opportunities for Volunteers in International Projects in Austin" UT Campus Club
3/31/03 Ambassador Oliver Pastrano Garza
Diplomat-in-Residence, LBJ School, UT; Ambassador to Nicaragua; DCM and Chargé d’Affaires, Panama and Colombia
"Issues in US-Latin American Relations" UT Campus Club
11/27/02 Admiral Bobby Inman
Director, NSA Deputy Director, CIA
"Iraq" UT Campus Club
10/29/02 Gary Chapman
Coordinator, 21st Century Project, LBJ School, UT
"Our Open Technology Future" UT Campus Club
4/11/02 John Naland
President, AFSA
"The American Foreign Service" La Madeleine (Hwy 183)
3/28/02 Prof. Larry Graham
Teresa Lozano Long Institute of Latin American Studies, UT
"Legislative Strengthening Initiative in Latin America" UT Campus Club
12/14/01 Jan Smith
Director, International Business Institute, Austin Community College
"The Greater Austin International Coalition" UT Faculty Center
9/11/01 Marsha Kelliher
Dean, Graduate School of Management, St Edward's Univ.; Pres., The Greater Austin International Coalition
"International Opportunities in Austin" UT Faculty Center
3/22/01 Tom Barnes
FSO and Author
"Hindu & Buddhist Temples in South East Asia and on the Sub-Continent" UT Faculty Center
2/8/01 Robert K German
FSO; Dean, School of Area Studies, Foreign Service Institute; Director, Office of Soviet Union Affairs
"Vladimir Putin: Democrat or Autocrat?" UT Faculty Center
12/7/00 Hon. Frank Cooksey
Former Mayor of Austin
"Development Diplomacy in Eastern Europe and the Former Soviet Union" UT Faculty Center
11/16/00 Professor William J. Cunningham
St. Thomas Univ.; FSO
"The China/Taiwan Problem" UT Faculty Center
9/28/00 Phillip R Cates
President, Texas Stakeholders
"Lobbying in International Affairs" UT Faculty Center
5/13/00 Dr. Edwin Dorn
Dean of the LBJ School, U. of Texas; Former Undersecretary of Defense
Joint Meeting with San Antonio FS Group - "US National Security Interests and Issues" The Lady Bird Johnson
Wildflower Center
4/13/00 Amb. Anthony C.E. Quainton
Dir. Gen. of the For. Service; Ambassador to CAR, Kuwait, Nicaragua and Peru
"The Future of Diplomacy" UT Faculty Center
3/2/00 Dr. Abraham Zilkha
UT Institute of Middle Eastern Studies
"Sources of the Current Political Situation in the Middle East" UT Faculty Center
2/22/00 Marshall Adair
President, American Foreign Service Assn.
"State and AFSA Going Forward" UT Faculty Center
1/11/00 Victor Miramontes
Director, North American Development Bank
"Cross-Border Investing and Trade: Mexico and the USA" UT Faculty Center
12/3/99 Prof. William Glade
Director of UT Mexican Center; Director of USIA Cultural Division
"Evolving Issues in the Cultural Field in NAFTA" UT Faculty Center
2/18/99 Werner P. Herrmann
European Union Fellow & Visiting Professor
"European-American Relations at the Turn of the Millennium" UT Faculty Center
11/20/98 Various Luncheon UT Faculty Center
11/25/97 Rev. John Kalimi of Uganda
Studying in Austin
"Change? Yes and NO in Africa" UT Faculty Center
9/17/97 Various Social Gathering Lost Creek Country Club
2/20/97 Various Luncheon UT Faculty Center
11/14/96 Various Luncheon UT Faculty Center
6/13/96 Dr. Lawrence Graham
Professor of Government & Director, UT Center for Brazilian Studies
"US-Latin American Relations" UT Faculty Center
5/18/96 F. Allen (Tex) Harris
President, American Foreign Service Association; FSO
2nd joint meeting with San Antonio FSG - "US Diplomacy & the Foreign Service" Tree Tops Riverside Grill, New Braunfels
7/20/95 Various Luncheon UT Faculty Center
5/3/95 None - Get-acquainted meeting Luncheon UT Faculty Center

Prof. Bill Cunningham
Assoc. Prof., St. Thomas Univ.; FSO

Nerio Neirotti

Hubert Humphrey Fellow, LBJ School, UT

95 Organization Meeting - "Types & Scope of FSG Groups"

"Argentina 1976-83 - A Troubled Time"

UT Faculty Center
9/29/94 Various FSO speakers Organizational Meeting UT Faculty Center
7/14/94 First meeting Convener:
Dr. E.V. (Vic) Niemeyer (FSIO)
Ascertaining interest in forming a group for periodic meetings UT Faculty Center

Online bibliographies from speakers
Two-page document of all the bibliographies