TFSG, founded in 1994, is a group of 40 people who have spent time outside of America with America's Foreign Service, academia, or business, or as an accompanying family member.
TFSG presents four luncheons with speakers and one members-only luncheon each year. This website lists the speakers with bibliographies that TFSG members write to accompany each speech. It also features links to international databases, publications, think tanks, and published works by members and speakers


This section of our website lists publications by our luncheon meeting speakers, arranged by the date of the speech, and publications by our members, arranged alphabetically by last name.  Additions to these lists are usually made every other month.  Presentations made at our meetings are listed on the Luncheon Meetings page and not here.

The lists include books, e-books, articles, essays, research reports, chapters, speeches, videos, and CDs written, created, translated, edited, co-written, co-created, and co-edited by speakers and members. A number of our speakers and members have written mostly for readers with security clearances; those writings are not listed here.

Publications by TFSG Luncheon Speakers (PDF format)

Publications by TFSG Members (PDF format)

Selected Essays